Dr. Vale Helps Patients with Vision Threatening Persistent Epithelial Defects of the Cornea

Dr. Vale recently performed amniotic membrane transplantation on two gentleman suffering persistent epithelial defects (PEDs) of the cornea, saving their eyes and their vision. This revolutionary treatment option is offered at both the Lehigh Valley and Scranton offices of InterMountain Eye Associates by Dr. Steven Vale and his staff. Call today if you are suffering […]

Management of Meibomian Gland Disease

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and Meibomianitis are Common Causes of Dry Eyes… These Conditions often respond well to a multi-step therapeutic regimen. In various combinations, lid hygiene, warm compresses, lid margin compression, Omega-3 fatty acids and medication can all offer benefits. Patients often present to InterMountain Eye Associates for routine eye care with nonspecific complaints of ocular […]

About Flashes and Floaters-Do You Need to be Concerned?

It Can Be Frightening to See Small Floaters, Specks or Flashes of Light. But Should You Be Concerned if You Do? Have you ever spotted a small speck, dot, or squiggle appearing to float in the air in front of you, only to have it move away when you tried to look at it directly? Maybe you’ve noticed […]

Diseases of the Cornea and Conjunctiva

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) What is conjunctivitis? Commonly known as Pink Eye, conjunctivitis is an infection of the conjunctiva (the inside lining of the eyelid and outside skin on the eyeball). It can be caused by bacteria, virus or allergies (see the Allergy section). Signs and symptoms: Red, irritated, watery eyes with a burning and scratchy feeling. There […]